After two years as a member of the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee and the director of capital equipment, Murong Yang ’12 says she has enough experience to take the lead.

Yang said she aims to help organizations get more funding by making the process of applying online more convenient and clarifying the complex funding application process for new groups. Yang also hopes to expand the capital equipment system — a branch of the organization that loans student groups equipment such as camcorders and stage lights.

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Yang said she would like to inform the organizations requesting funding of the cheapest, most reliable resources, such as venues and staff, for their events. She hopes to do so by posting a list of the most cost-effective resources online and holding more information sessions, she said.

“If [organizations are] better informed, they’ll make better decisions and have better chances at funding,” Yang said.

Although the number of applications for funding increased by 35 percent between 2008 and 2009, UOFC still operated on their usual budget of $200,000 from the Yale College Dean’s Office, said current UOFC chair Erin Fackler ’11, who beat Yang in last year’s election. Still, Yang said she hopes her effort to encourage organizations to use more efficient resources might help to stretch the budget to help more groups.

Yang’s 2009 platform also called for better publicity for “2k” and “5k” events, contests that award $2,000 or $5,000 for a student event, and the expansion of the capital equipment program, despite the current board’s attempts at reform this year. She said the UOFC could do a better job advising groups and spreading money across more groups.

Yang has worked for various financial institutions, such as the student micro-finance organization Elm Seed, and will intern at Merill Lynch this summer.

Kelly Victor Knight ’12 — a UOFC board member and Yang’s boyfriend— credits Yang with spearheading the development of the capital equipment program last year. Her level of commitment and ability to reach out to group members inspired him to join the organization, he added.

“I will have a smile on for every UOFC meeting because I love it,” Yang said. “Finance is my thing. I’m good at it.”