As the director of production for this year’s Spring Fling Committee, Michael Chao ’11 said he has helped to save $10,000. Next year, he hopes to save the Yale College Council more money as its events director.

“I’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t,” said Chao, “and after a lot of research about different companies, we’re getting the most advanced sound and lighting for Spring Fling at the best price.”

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He said he hopes to spend more efficiently and promote small student organizations by helping them put together events.

“If a student group wants a larger venue but can’t pay for it, we should be able to help them out,” he said.

Chao said student opinions matter for him, citing this year’s Spring Fling surveys, which he wrote. Though the Spring Fling Committee has used surveys for years, Chao said that this year’s was the first time the methodology was statistically sound, allowing the committee to determine which headliner students actually wanted.

The events director — who handles the YCC’s $180,000 events budget — is one of the most important members of the YCC, Chao said.

As a three-year member of the Spring Fling Committee, Chao said he has extensive experience in organizing large-scale Yale productions. In addition to his role on the Spring Fling Committee, Chao has been on the Yale Student Activities Committee for two years before it was absorbed by YCC last year; he also helped organize two “Mr. Yale” competitions and two Fall Shows, and he is currently the president of the Pierson College Council. In those capacities, Chao said, he has learned how to best make use of allotted funds.

James Campbell ’13, who worked with Chao on the Spring Fling Committee this year, said he thinks Chao is the best candidate for events director. When Chao sets out to do something, Campbell said, he always goes “above and beyond.”.

In the future, Chao said, he hopes to become a judge or a law professor.