Guillermo Peralta’s ’12 platform for Yale College Council vice president has four main components: academic reform, more comprehensive financial aid, improved student services and increased collaboration between the YCC and other student groups.

The Branford College YCC representative said he is focusing on specific and achievable policy goals, such as instituting a language certificate program that would certify students’ proficiency to future employers.

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As for financial aid, Peralta said he thinks the University’s summer awards and travel allowances could be improved. Yale should help fund parents’ visits to campus, he said; students on financial aid currently receive money to travel home, but they may not receive funds to help their parents visit them on campus.

“At the moment, there are a number of students for whom their parents will never see them graduate,” Peralta said.

If elected, Peralta said he would also improve student services, by making Undergraduate Career Services “actually useful” and allowing students to use dinner swipes at Durfee’s.

“I don’t have time to go to the dining hall, so being able to swipe at Durfee’s would be great,” he said.

Now that the Whalley Avenue Shaw’s has closed, Peralta said the YCC should team up with Yale Transit to provide shuttle service on Fridays to a Trader Joe’s grocery store in Hamden.

In addition to “flyer-ing” and e-mailing friends, Peralta said he is also connecting with student groups as part of his campaign.

“My main thing is to meet with student groups, and not having them endorse me, but showing them that we want to include them in future YCC projects,” he said.

He said he also wants to the YCC to hold a jam that features all the on-campus a capella groups.

During his year as a YCC representative, Peralta said he has worked on crafting policy proposals, which he said will make him an effective YCC vice president. This semester, he reviewed Yale’s sexual harassment policy, and, as vice president, he said he would be sure to push for proposals that would make it easier for students to report sexual harassment.

Though mental health is not a focus of Peralta’s campaign, he said he would like students to be able to see counselors faster.

“He’s really organized and has good ideas,” said Kristen Johnson ’12, who has worked with Peralta as a member of the Branford College Council. “He always follows through with things.”