As Yale College Council treasurer, Brandon Levin ’13 said he would do more than just manage the budget — he would fight to cap the student contribution to financial aid packages and make Yale Station easier to navigate for student organizations.

Levin (not to be confused with the University’s president) said he has plenty of leadership experience at Yale and has been in conversations with YCC officials such as President Jon Wu ’11 and Treasurer Adam Thomas ’12. And by talking with YCC officials, he said, he will continue with projects currently underway, such as making it easier for needy students to find jobs.

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He said that if elected treasurer, he hopes to double the award for the YCC 5K Student Development Directive, which is used for long-term YCC projects such as the Bike Share program, to $10,000.

Levin said he has decided to run for treasurer because he likes budget management. He added that during his time last semester as chair of the Freshman Class Council, he worked with the council’s treasurer to fund projects.

Levin, who is a business staffer for the News, added that during his time on the FCC executive board, he has made concrete achievements, such as getting students to go plateless for the Freshman BBQ.

As FCC chair, he worked with administrators to fix a snafu within his council that involved a T-shirt with the word “sissies.” After the freshman class approved the T-shirt, it sparked an outcry from members within the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Administrators asked the FCC to reconsider, and the council ultimately decided to scrap the T-shirts.

Levin’s friend, James Campbell ’13, who served as vice president of FCC, said he thinks Levin is a good budget manager, citing the fact that Levin got the Yale College Dean’s Office to pay for Freshman Screw refreshments and snacks, which the council was originally unable to afford.

Levin’s mother, Wendy, said he manages his time wisely and stays organized.

“I’m proud of everything he’s done,” she said. “He does everything with integrity and sensitivity.”