Have a couple bucks to spare? Or maybe you don’t, but you’ve been DYING for your very own pair of Alexander McQueen shoes? Or something from Costume National, Ralph Lauren, Y-3 or Nicole Miller? When you’re sitting in class bored to tears, instead of playing on Facebook, you can now shop for couture! And the best part? It’s all on sale. Not just any kind of sale, but like a serious sale. Today you can buy a $1,600 pair of McQueen Metallic Strappy Sandals for $299!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or the $700 Polka Dot Pumps for $149!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quick — everybody get out your credit cards.

Um…omg. Sound like a dream come true? Well, it kinda is! It’s all made possible via Gilt Groupe, a new online luxury boutique that has the hottest collections on sale up to 70 percent off the retail value. When you log-in to Gilt Groupe (membership is by invitation only; if you don’t know somebody who’s a member, email me and I’ll hook you UP), you see a calendar of the week with different sales on different days of the week. You can’t buy something until the day it’s listed to go on sale.

Alexis and Alexandra, the fabulous founders of Gilt Groupe, wanted to take the New York “by invitation only” sample sale to the Internets. Everybody knows about the sample sale — you’ve seen it parodied in Sex and the City, Confessions of A Shopaholic, etc. Basically, everybody waits on the line for hours and then, pow!, everybody stampedes the boutique, ripping out weaves, earrings, squeezing out botox to get the last piece of couture.

That’s the psychology of sales, though! When you’re told that the “original” price was $5,000 and that today and today only, it’s on sale for a cool $999 you’re like OMGASKDJASLDJOUGOTTABUYITNOW!!!!!! This is the new direction of luxury. Can you imagine what will happen to the Internet if they have a Balenciaga or, omg, a Balmain sale??!?!??!