Sitting outside is neat. I like how the sun makes things warm and that makes me happy. When I sit on the grass on the Old Campus, I like it. I want to do that more. The weather has been warm lately, and that means more time to lie on my back and look at the sky. The sky has been mostly blue. That’s a pretty color. Much more prettier than grey.

There have been a lot of people on the Old Campus lately. I’m not sure if I like that. I see my friends out there sitting and doing work. But I also see large shirtless men. They scare me. I do not recognize them, and I do not think they are freshman. They drink alcohol, and wear backwards hats that do not protect their eyes. I think they are maybe nice though, because they like the sun too. They like it so much that they are out there even when other people have class, I do not know how they do this.

Other people walk around there too. There are a lot of tour groups: some of high school people, others of Asian tourists. The high school kids do not really talk, because they follow someone who is talking a lot. The tourists talk a lot. They also take pictures. When the weather was cold they took a lot of pictures of the buildings and the statues. Now they take pictures of us. Sometimes they stand with us and smile. Other times they try and take pictures when they think I am not looking.

This one time I was with my guitar on a bench, two ladies sat down next to me. They did not speak English very well, but they were laughing. So I laughed too. Then we had a sing-along. One lady said “yesterday.” I was not sure what this meant, but I played that Beatles song, and they knew the words. Then we did “Edelweiss.” One of the ladies had a very nice voice.

The squirrels walk around too. They also climb the trees and play tag. It is fun to watch them because they are really good at playing. I try to play like them, but throwing a ball is not so good. Sometimes on the days when there are so many people outside, I wish we could all play a giant game of tag, or tug of war, but that would need a really long rope.

People play music outside. I am not sure where it comes from, but it is very loud. I think maybe it is from a window where someone has speakers. That is very nice of them to share their music with everyone, but I don’t always like what they play. Sometimes it is pop songs that I recognize, and sometimes it is light songs that I don’t know but they are nice. Other times, music gets played that is too hard, and that makes me feel weird. Loud electronic music and loud angry words make my head hurt, even though the weather is pretty. Most of the time the music is nice though.

This must be what they thought of when they were making the Old Campus. What a good plan! It gives me a place to have fun. Even when work is hard. It makes me feel like I am a little kid. And I like that.

Everett Rosenfeld is currently in Miss Smith’s third-grade class. He is interested in dinosaurs and dubstep.