In an 11th-hour decision, Justine Kolata ’12, who was the only student running for Junior Class Council chair, decided to switch back to her original candidacy for Yale College Council vice president.

She said in an interview Thursday evening that she made this decision earlier today, after learning that other students have decided to run for JCC chair.

When no sophomores had submitted materials for JCC chair by the original Tuesday afternoon deadline, the YCC asked the the five sophomores running for YCC vice president if they wanted to switch their candidacy. Only Kolata took up the offer to run for JCC chair instead. According to her, the YCC guaranteed to her that she would be running unopposed.

Instead, the YCC extended the application for JCC chair to any sophomore who submitted candidacy material, including 100 signatures from classmates, to the Yale College Dean’s Office by 4 p.m. today.

“The real thing that I wanted to do is run for vice president,” said Kolata. “Other people have submitted their platforms. I don’t have worry about running for something I hadn’t originally signed up for.”

D’porter Michael Knowles ’12 told the News Thursday night that he is now running for Junior Class Council chair, adding that he knows that Angela Ramirez ’12 is also a contender for JCC chair.

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