Remember how a couple years ago Christian Siriano single-handedly had all of America saying “fierce”? Fierce! Fierce Hot Tranny Mess! Tranny Fierce! But for Siriano, “having a moment” is now the hot catch phrase. Quick — everybody stop saying “fierce.”

Bravo aired the one-hour special “Christian Siriano: Having A Moment” last night, and it was probably the most exciting bit of TV that Bravo has put out since the post-menopausal network Lifetime snatched Project Runway. “Having A Moment” followed Christian as he got ready for Fashion Week, did celebrity fittings, etc. It was basically a check-up on his post Project Runway life.

It’s so neat to see what goes on behind the glitz and the glam of a fashion house, and I was surprised to see that Christian’s label is super small — five people total — so little Christian does everything. Fashion is hard work, people! But obviously the best part of the show was waiting for Christian’s sassy one-liners. Like when “somebody from Ryan Seacrest” called and he said, “Take a message.” Divaaa.

LOVE Christian Siriano. He has a huge personality and the talent to back it up. He’s still producing collections, wrote a book and stays in the press, shows at fashion week, and celebrities are still wearing his gowns. “Having A Moment” proves that what this little diva needs now is his own television show! Not a fashion-based reality show, but a talk show. Just like Tyra! I’d watch — would you?