Have you noticed the abnormally low levels of spinach at the salad bar at the Timothy Dwight Dining Hall?

Blame TD-er Bradley Pough ’12. In an effort to eat more vegetables, Pough decided to combine apples, honey, spinach, celery and carrots and mix in a blender. The result: almost 24 ounces of what appears to be liquidized green moss.

Pough maintains that the shake is much tastier than it looks — a result of copious additions of honey. The shake contains all the fruit and vegetables a body needs to get buff for the summer, and Pough is a walking testament to the shake’s health benefit. He says since he has started drinking the shake, he has never felt more energetic and has never had more of a “pep in his step.”

Although Pough’s six-pack abs are not solely a direct result of drinking the shake, Yalies committed to getting buff for summer should consider creating their own blend of vegetable nutrients. I managed to convince Pough to share his secret recipe for those interested in experimenting with the dining hall blenders. (It’s included below.) Pough’s shake has also started to catch on among other members of Timothy Dwight and although no scientific consensus has been reached on the shake’s efficacy, the Timothy Dwight Dining Hall workers should prepare to stock up on spinach.


1 cup of water






Lots of spinach

Mix in a blender and serve!