To help students cope with the death of Cameron Dabaghi ’11, residential college deans and masters opened their homes to mourning students. “You are not alone,” Branford College Dean Daniel Tauss wrote in an e-mail to Branfordians. “Let yourself be there for others, and for yourself.” Other resources include Mental Health and Counseling at YUHS, the Chaplain’s Office and Walden Peer Counseling.

As the campus dealt with the tragedy, reporters for the New York Daily News and the New York Post stationed themselves outside the Berkeley College gate, trying to interview students and reportedly identifying themselves as reporters for the Yale Daily News. The News has lodged complaints with both newspapers.

In order to let students participate in Wednesday night’s vigil, the Davenport senior housing draw, originally scheduled for the same time, was postponed.

The Silliman junior housing draw, however, proceeded as planned. At least seven Sillimanders will be annexed to an unknown location — a first for the college in recent memory.

Another bunch of Sillimanders who applied for summer fellowships received an e-mail Wednesday informing them that they had been awarded $1,000. Within an hour, another e-mail said the first had been sent accidentally; awards will be announced next week.

The gorilla strikes back. When someone in a gorilla suit entered professor Alex Nemerov’s History of Art lecture Wednesday, Nemerov stared the gorilla down until, recognizing defeat, he left. Nemerov picked up where he left off as if nothing had happened, prompting laughter.

Today is college admissions decision day. Though Yale’s decisions go live at 5 p.m., Harvard has already announced a record-low admissions rate of 6.9 percent for the class of 2014.

In a Daily Princetonian blog post, Bryony Roberts ’04, a Princeton architecture graduate student, wrote that on an academic level, Yale and Princeton are identical. But, she said, Yale students are more active, liberal and “artsy” than the socially conservative and “preppy” Princetonians.

Rain, rain, gone away. IM games resume today after being rained out for three days straight.


1946 James F. Mathias, Yale’s assistant director of studies, reported that the 1,037 returned service men enrolled at Yale in the fall had earned good academic records.