Re: “Woolsey on ‘wish list’” (March 25): As a longtime resident of New Haven with many ties to Yale, I was glad to see President Levin finally acknowledge Woolsey Hall’s acoustic problems. But I must heartily agree with Walter Foery’s sentiments (“Much more than a performance ‘update,’” March 26) that the solution goes far beyond any “fix” to the current hall. I have been to scores of concert halls in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and, to put the matter plainly, Woolsey Hall has, as far as I can determine, the worst acoustics for orchestral music of any hall on the planet. I challenge anyone to name a concert hall with worse acoustics.

Given Yale’s glorious tradition and outstanding talent in the performing arts, it’s time to end the farce that Woolsey Hall is, or ever could be, an appropriate place to hear orchestral music. Sure, times are tough, and there are other immediate priorities. But the first step is for everyone to recognize Woolsey’s fatal deficiencies, and to acknowledge that a new hall is the only solution.

Zachary Morowitz

March 28

The writer is a resident of New Haven and the son of former Pierson College Master Harold Morowitz ’47 GRD ’51.