Picky dining hall eaters — rejoice! A new line of edible spray paints may be able to tempt you into trying the newest vegan concoction from the Yale Dining Services.

Esslack Food Spray — made the by the Deli Garage, a German food cooperative — is an edible spray paint in silver or gold. Safely staining all types of food, from broccoli to hard boiled eggs, these spray paints are perfect to make any unappetizing food look appealing.

The Esslack spray can also tempt picky eaters into eating their vegetables; it’s hard to resist a gold-covered tomato. But the creative possibilities are truly endless. The paints are perfect for a homemade last minute gift, expressing love for your significant other by gilding their food, or indulging in one’s own love of luxury. More adventurous Yalies might even discover that the graffiti spray can also be used as edible body paint.