James Franco, star of “Milk” and “Spider-Man,” has been accepted to Yale, his manager Miles Levy told the News, but it is not yet confirmed that he will be attending.

“He loves Yale and it is more than likely his first choice,” Levy said.

In a November interview with the News Franco said he said he was applying to Ph.D. programs and was supposed to meet with English Department Chair Michael Warner. The heartthrob’s visit to Yale for a Master’s Tea caused quite a stir, drawing at least one cry of “I LOVE YOU” from the mostly female audience.

Levy said Franco will be attending more than one school. Right now, he is simultaneously attending Columbia University’s and Brooklyn College’s M.F.A. programs and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts graduate film program.

He has a short story published in April’s issue of Esquire and a collection of his short stories, called “Palo Alto,” is set to be published in October.

So, Emma Watson, there’s always grad school.