Moving on up. Brian Scholl and Kamari Clarke were promoted to full professors in the Psychology and Anthropology departments, respectively, at a meeting of Yale’s Board of Permanent Officers on Thursday.

But wait, there’s more! Mary Lui in the History and American Studies departments and Philip Smith in the Sociology Department were promoted from associate professors to full professors. And Scott Holley received tenure as an associate professor in the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Department.

Fiddler in the room. Paige Fedon ’13 played a rendition of the song “Ashokan Farewell” on the fiddle during David Blight’s “Civil War” lecture Thursday. The song features prominently in Ken Burns’s documentary film series “The Civil War,” which the class is currently watching. Fedon’s Web site,, includes a recording of the song.

Close call. At 8:15 p.m. Wednesday, behind 80 Howe St., a man clad in dark clothing approached math lecturer Andrew Warshall from behind and demanded money. The perpetrator struck Warshall in the face and took his wallet — which had $3 in it — before fleeing the scene.

Despite fierce lobbying by banks, the Senate voted Thursday to require all colleges and universities to convert to a program that loans students money directly from the federal government rather than private loan providers. Caesar Storlazzi, Yale’s director of Student Financial Services, said Monday that the only change students will perceive is in the source of their loans, not the dollar amount.

An interesting triumvirate: Modern Love, the Yale Women’s Center and the brothers of Delta Kappa Epsilon are throwing a party for all the ladies “fed up with sweaty hipster bros grinding up on your donk [and] spinning sexist jams such as Jay-Z’s ‘Big Pimpin.’ ” In other words, LADIES’ NITE is tonight.

Don’t let an exam be a buzz-kill: According to a new Boston University School of Public Health study, binge drinking the night before a test will not affect your test-taking abilities in the morning. But study coordinator Jonathan Howland mentioned some caveats. For instance, if you are passed out with a really bad hangover in class, you probably won’t do so well on your test.


1954 The News ran an ad for the new “Sweetheart Ring” sold by Panikoff Jewelers, located at 96 Howe St. The ring, a smaller version of the typical class ring, was described as “a perfect companion for your Yale Ring.”