Nothing says back to school like going to lab. (At least I’d imagine so — buildings past Luce Hall are uncharted waters for me.) So, in honor of what is arguably the worst non-midterm/final week, we’re celebrating the style of Ambika Bhushan, Best Dressed Biology Major.

As a bio major I’m amazed she has time to get dressed in the morning at all. And on the day of her photo shoot, to add insult to injury, it was pouring. How she managed to pull off such practical and effortless yet super cute outfit is beyond my realm of comprehension.

Yesterday’s outfit included boots from Target, which is one of my absolute favorite places to buy shoes. I feel like the footwear department of Target gets overlooked while it in fact offers very attractive, decent-quality shoes that come at an affordable price. (Sorry for the Target plug, I just REALLY like their shoes.)

But back to important thing here: Ambika likes “girly, romantic prints” and “anything with flowers and (subtle!) lace.” All of the reactants (?) needed to create a quintessentially classic, feminine look.

Ambika’s pretty white and red shirt dress and TOTALLY GORGEOUS jacket are both from the Philippines. What?? The length and the fit of the jacket are both remarkable and the light neutral color will work with anything Ambika wears while not detracting from the delicate vibe of her overall look.

What I love about Ambika’s look is that every single one of her pieces is working towards the same goal of creating a flirty, demure, highly feminine fashion that offsets that crazy intensity that I’ve now convinced myself comes with being a science major. Go Ambika. (And go SF committee for choosing Ying Yang Twins.)

(Photos by Eva Galvan)