New Haven Superior Court Judge Roland Fasano intends to unseal portions of the last of the search warrants issued in the case of Raymond Clark III, the man who in January pleaded not guilty to the murder of Annie Le GRD ’13.

Fasano said in a brief hearing this afternoon that the court plans to “apply the same reasoning and the same standards” as in his Nov. 6 memo regarding the unsealing of the other warrants in the case, and that he plans to redact certain portions of the final warrant.

Fasano said he will file a memorandum calling for the documents to be unsealed, and the unsealed portions of the warrant will be held — for the “right to appeal” — for three days afterward before being released. The memorandum will be filed within a few weeks, according to the Court clerk’s office.

The warrant was issued after Clark’s Sept. 17 arrest, one of Clark’s lawyers, Joseph Lopez, said Tuesday.

Neither Lopez nor Clark’s other lawyer, Beth Merkin, was present at the hearing Wednesday, but public defender Tejas Bhatt appeared on their behalf. The defense had filed a motion to extend the seal.

Search and seizure warrants released in early December showed that bloodstains were found in Clark’s apartment. The arrest warrant affidavit released in November showed that bloody items of clothing and DNA matches led to Clark’s arrest.

Lopez said Tuesday that he does not think the information in the final warrant will be surprising.

Clark’s next pre-trial court date is scheduled for April 7.