1. There’s nothing more repulsive than needless waste. And it is scene’s opinion that University dining hall workers should be allowed to take and consume the food they produce daily. Stomachs full, minds abuzz, Yalies might not realize that after a heavy chow-down in their residential college dining hall or Commons, the food they do not consume is consigned to the dumpster. For what reason, scene can only imagine — probably a load of bureaucratic bullshit. So look it, Pres. Levin, you’d better start caring more about the workers and waste than the profits of New Haven’s trash management firms.

2. Speaking of dining halls, get your ass down to Stiles dining hall for Volume Presents: Picture Plane and Teengirl Fantasy at 10 p.m. scene predicts: amazingness all around.

3. Your childhood may be over, but the Revolution has just begun!