Law School Auditorium, February 17, 2010. 11:30 AM.

Ben enters from stage left. He stands in the middle of the aisle, searching, and then approaches a bearded man.

Ben: Hello is this the midterm?

Bearded Man: Yes, who are you, I am a student?

Ben: Sorry wrong number.

Ben looks around, and finally locates a young woman wearing glasses.

Ben: Hello is this the midterm?

TA #1: It better be or I’m in the wrong place! Here you go; just have a seat and the test will be up on the screen.

TA #1 hands Ben two blue books.

Ben: Oh thank you, I am eager to show my knowledge of this subject.

Ben tries to hand one of the blue books back to TA #1.

TA #1: What is this for?

Ben: Well I guess according to my present situation I am not going to probably need both of these blue books.

TA #1: What do you mean, your “present situation?”

Ben: Well just my current state such as not having studied for this test other than in a fleeting sort of way and also not having read much of the book if I own it.

Ben is still awkwardly holding the second blue book out trying to give it back to TA #1.

Ben: Do you know if there is a Red Bull vending machine in the vicinity?

TA #1: I’m not sure. What’s your name?

Ben: Jeff probably.

Ben attempts to shove the blue book back into TA #1’s hands. She cries out like a small dog, and tries to shove the book back into Ben’s hands. It drops to the floor.

Ben: I could really use a Red Bull I was up pretty late.

TA #1: You could really use some new study habits, Jeff; maybe you should come by my office hours so we can chat.

Ben: Yes I was playing Call of Duty though which I am good at anyway.

TA #1: Okay. Why don’t you go have a seat, Jeff? The test is about to start.

Ben: Fuck I don’t have a pen do you have one I can use?

Ben: I suppose a pencil would be fine.

Ben: We don’t need scratch paper do we?

Ben: I didn’t bring any scratch paper.

Ben: Oh fuck me what class is this?

Ben: This is that art class isn’t it?

Ben: I don’t think I’m in this class do you have a computer I would like to check my schedule.

Ben: Wait let me look on my iPhone.

Ben: There is good 3G network reception in this room.

Ben: Yes I was entirely mistaken I am not enrolled in this class at the moment.

Ben: What a fuck of a day.

Ben: Sorry.

TA #1 walks away.

Ben: Definitely I could still use a Red Bull though.

Ben: Sugar-free if possible I already ate a cinnamon raisin bun this morning around eleven.

Ben: Oh why not?

Ben sits down and begins to take the test.