Introducing Warby Parker, the new eyeglasses manufacturer promising cool prescription glasses for under $100. Launched by four MBA students at UPenn’s Wharton School of Business, Warby Parker offers hipster spectacles, synonymous with the large, boxy frames that have lately become popular courtesy of Ray Ban, Oliver Peoples and the likes. Models such as Fillimore, Huxley and Roosevelt are sure to become indie/collegiate faves, while others such as Emersen offer something for the more conservative (but equally stylish) consumer.

The deal is exquisite: trendy, high-quality prescription spectacles for just $95. You can order up to five pairs to try on at home and choose the one you like best (or decide against them all) and ship the rest back with no burden to your bank account. What’s more, if you can’t quite remember your prescription (you lost/broke it, just like your $500 Chanel glasses), Warby Parker will contact your optician to find this out for you (hopefully you haven’t lost the name of your optician, too). If you ask slightly more of your glasses provider, then rest assured: Warby Parker is a social-minded business that promises to give one pair of glasses through non-profit organizations such as Restoring Vision for each pair of glasses sold.

This might seem to good to be true to you. It is indeed difficult to grasp how the business offers such stellar quality and customer service while maintaining a lucrative profit margin. However, the strategy appears to be clearly defined and loophole-free: the key is to operate directly via online sales without any intermediate distributors. The team’s eager, young entrepreneurial ambitions have led them to offer the utmost for the very least.

With fashion magazines such as Vogue and GQ already jumping on the hype, Warby Parker is on its way to becoming the next big thing in the glasses market.