First Alexander Wang streamed his collection “live” in Times Square during New York Fashion Week, and now Christopher Bailey over at Burberry is taking the show to you, wherever you are! The Burberry Prorsum AW 2010 Collection was streamed live yesterday, and the video is super profesh. It’s much longer than the actual show, and Bailey talks about moving Burberry back to LFW, about moving it to the heart of Westminster, deep in the heart of British elegance.

And guess what? Celebrity interviews! The first interview is with Anna, obviously, whose hair blocks her face from the camera the whole time. I can hear her now: “I do not want to be filmed.” Her Royal Highness describes how she flew all the way from New York just to see Burberry’s, which she defiantly pronounces with the “s” the label nixed long ago. She flew from New York for a single show? Geez, Anna. What a bitch slap to all the other designers at LFW, like Matthew Williamson, which is always a hot ticket.

As usual, the Burberry collection is magnificent. I’ve always loved Burberry Prorsum more than the regular label because BP moves forward, it takes risks, its younger and edgier. I am in love with those thigh-high leather boots, which kind of remind me of the infamous Chanel boots that Karl Lagerfeld did a couple seasons back.

Every coat was impeccably made, tailored – though I wasn’t so hot on the poopy green section of the show. I dunno, I just don’t see the appeal of poop colored clothes, especially when they’re worn all at once. Too much. But I felt the show really hit its stride when the models strolled down the catwalk in the darker coats, a more traditional color to be sure, but the cuts were all different, so that made it interesting. I guess I’m just drawn to dark, sleek elegance