Brian Tang ’12 is a loyal user of, a Web site where local residents can complain about problems they’ve noticed in their neighborhoods. Tang is the most prolific user of the Web site; to date, he’s earned 8,670 “civic points” for the SeeClickFix issues he’s noticed and posted online.

Starting today, in a regular series on the scene blog, Tang will examine some of the most egregious nuisances he’s noticed around Yale’s campus.

For as long as I have been at Yale, when it rains we have been left with a big puddle right in the crosswalk at Elm and High. The puddle itself wouldn’t be so bad, except it happens to be right in the wheel path of passing buses, large vehicles, and people who simply like to drive through puddles.

Today I saw a visiting prefrosh and her family forced to jump out of the way of a wave of gritty water washing over the sidewalk and I have no doubt that this puddle has soaked the socks of many a Yalie as they waited for the light to


Click here to view the page for this issue on and click “I want this fixed too!”

  • The problem: A depression in the roadway that prevents water from draining into nearby storm drains.
  • The solution: add an inch or two of asphalt to fill in the depression.
  • Fixer: New Haven Department of Public Works.
  • If they haven’t filled the depression by the time we get back from spring break — or if you are just impatient — click the “Send to a Friend” link and send the issue to Rob Smuts ’01, who oversees the department.