“My style is always Queer Femme, sometimes it’s more punky, other times it’s more saucy, at times it’s sexy, and occasionally I go for elegant.”

This is Rachel Schiff- a Silliman senior, a WGSS major, a makeup genius, and our Best Dressed Femme.

What I love about this outfit is that it’s dark and edgy in a feminine, chic way. The posh black military jacket and white shirt from GUESS are some of the only retail items Rachel owns; “I actually only shop at second-hand clothing stores, except for Black Friday, where I allow myself to shop retail,” she says. The skinny jeans Rachel is wearing in this photo are one such find. They’re exquisite in that they’re not only a nice pair of pants but they fit very well. Speaking from experience, finding pieces that will both compliment one’s style without compromising fit can be an rarity in the world of second hand stores. Rachel, I’m impressed.

The intensity of the makeup offsets the harshness of the black and white scheme and bring the look together. The bright colored makeup Rachel uses on her eyes and lips spice up the outfit in a way that keeps it sleek and full of personality. What I like best about Rachel’s style is that while she draws from “Marilyn Monroe’s flirt, James Dean’s swagger, [and] Sylvia Rivera’s ferocity,” she takes all the cues with a grain of salt and puts her own spin on them with pieces from second-hand stores. The items she gives new life to inject a sense of vitality and originality into everything she wears.

(Photo by Eva Galvan/Photography Editor)