I was so pissed off last week when I saw that the designers on Project Runway would have to, like, make clothes for children. WTFWTFWTF? I was so mad I almost threw a heel at my TV in protest. Nobody watches Project Runway to see kids. Nobody!

But then, here comes Tim Gunn — “Designers…I have a surprise!” — telling them that they now have to do another look – this time for their real model. Praise the lord!!! Cuz’ I was about to cut a bitch if the whole catwalk was just kids. Get it? “Moms” and their “kids” on the catwalk. This is Project Runway, people, not KinderCare.

You know, fashionistas are super critical of Project Runway since it rolled over to Lifetime (gag). So every time they do anything even remotely “Lifetimey,” oh we see it. Hey Lifetime, nobody cares about touchy-feely! We do not want kids or Campbell’s soup dresses. We want bitch fights, high fashion and Nina!