Get ready for an incredible weekend of student-written plays. Not only is Matthew George’s ’11 “Commandments” being produced by the Yale Dramat at the Iseman Theater, but the Theater Studies department is hosting readings of six new student-written plays, as part of the annual Yale Playwrights Festival. Stop making excuses and go see some incredible new plays!

All readings take place in University Theater, 222 York Street, New Haven. Admission is free.

Friday, Feb. 19, University Theater

2:30 p.m. SWEETIE by Cordelia Istel ’10. Directed by Maya Seidler ’11. Mentors: Rinne Groff and Margaret Spillane.

4:30 p.m. BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FOOLS by Tessa Williams ’10. Directed by Gary Jaffe ’10. Mentors: Edwin Sánchez and Paul Walsh.

Saturday, Feb. 20, University Theater

11 a.m. SITTING DUCKS by Cory Finley ’11. Directed by Elizabeth Sutton-Stone ’10. Mentors: Itamar Moses and Joseph Roach.

2:30 p.m. THE PATRON SAINT OF JELLY BEANS by Courtney Sender ’10. Directed by Kate Berman ’11. Mentors: Barbara Hammond and Deb Margolin.

5 p.m. KING’S COFFIN by Will Alden ’10. Directed by Cordelia Istel ’10. Mentors: Donald Margulies and Raphael Martin.

7:30 p.m. HERO COLLAGE by Sinead Daly ’10. Directed by Danielle Tomson ’12. Mentors: Patrick Catullo and James Leverett.