Cristina: Last semester, I took four lecture courses and ended up having to take four sections. It was miserable attending all of those sections!

Ethan: That’s why I never attend section.

Cristina: Why, best platonic male friend Ethan, you should try the following section game.

Ethan: If it would make section more manageable, then I would certainly give it a shot!

Cristina: Simply bring the Bingo Card and 15+ nickels (or Mancala nuggets) to section, cover a square when you hear the quote and the fun times will ensue. In order to remain discrete, when you achieve Bingo (five in a row, silly!), you must raise your hand and announce, “I found the reading to be compelling.”

“dichotomy” (two things are here)

“problematic” (code word for bad)

“canonical work” (famous book!)

“particularly compelling”



“quid pro quo”

“tit for tat” (tee hee)

“polarizing narratives”

“dual narratives”

“poopy narratives”

“Hey, a girl can dream!”

“intersection between”


“how do we reconcile”

“begs the question”

“subverts the text”

“as the professor said in lecture” (proving lecture attendance)

“as I said in my paper” (proving paper writing)

“as the author said in the reading” (proving reading reading)

“Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle.”

“not unlike the ‘Iliad’ ”

“not unlike ‘James and the Giant Peach’ ”

“I’m sure you’ve all read my blog … ”

Free square: TA asks a question, no one answers.