Rell to provide funds to college graduates seeking green jobs

Gov. M. Jodi Rell wants more college graduates to stay in-state and take “green collar jobs,” she said in a press release Thursday. Rell is supporting a bill that would reimburse state and federal student loans for state college graduates who spend at least two years in the state. “Green collar” jobs include jobs in life sciences and sustainability, she said.

—Esther Zuckerman

Cheshire trial jury selection delayed

Jury selection in the trial of Steven Hayes, charged in an infamous 2007 triple homicide at the home of William Petit in Cheshire, Conn., was delayed again Wednesday. At a hearing in New Haven Superior Court on Elm Street, Hayes’ public defender, Thomas Ullmann, said Hayes is being kept in inhumane conditions at the infirmary of the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution in Suffield, Conn., and will be unable to participate in jury selection until his condition improves. Jury selection was delayed initially because Hayes attempted suicide by overdosing on medication he had been pretending to take.

—Alon Harish

Bysiewicz ’83 asks state courts to see if she can run

Susan Bysiewicz ’83, a state attorney general candidate, asked the state court Thursday to determine whether she is allowed to run. According to her lawsuit, she also asked judges to determine the constitutionality of a state law mandating attorney general candidates to have been in “active practice” of law for at least 10 years. She said if state judges deem it constitutional, they should also rule that she has fulfilled the requirement. Bysiewicz joined the state bar 24 years ago but worked in Connecticut private practice for six years.

—Yale Daily News

Police find gun during routine traffic stop

Two police officers stopped a car in front of a McDonald’s on Ferry Street for a motor vehicle violation just after midnight Thursday. The vehicle’s passenger appeared extremely nervous and would not keep his hands where the officers could see them. One of the officers then removed the passenger, East Haven resident Randall Foster, 37, from the vehicle and during the subsequent pat down discovered a fully loaded 22 caliber revolver in his waistband. Foster was promptly arrested, and the gun confiscated. The car’s driver, after receiving a citation, was released at the scene.

—Yale Daily News

Narcotics unit finds pot, one Ecstasy pill during search

Armed with a search and seizure warrant, the New Haven Tactical Narcotics Unit searched the first floor at 45 County St. just before 4 p.m. Wednesday. After the officers entered the premises, two men fled to the second floor of the residence and were eventually found in the attic and detained. During the subsequent search of the premises, officers seized as evidence $247.00, 16 grams of marijuana, one Ecstasy pill and a 9mm handgun. Four people were then arrested. The police had outstanding arrest warrants for two of the people arrested.

—Yale Daily News

Attorney general announces $1.8 million pollution settlement

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal LAW ’73 announced Thursday a $1.8 million settlement with laundry company G&K Services Co., which emitted toxic substances. “This settlement compels G&K to compensate the public for airing its dirty laundry,” Blumenthal added in a statement. In 2008, Blumenthal sued the company and obtained a court order prohibiting it from washing shop towels soiled with volatile substances. A state investigation found the substances were potentially carcinogenic and neurotoxic.

—Yale Daily News