Marc Jacobs

Leave it to me to love anything that sparkles! I love this dress…I feel slightly less passionate about the awful green gloves and boots! I mean, I like them…I just wish they weren’t baby poop green. Also, this looks like a dress you could cut yourself in!

Diane Von Furstenberg

I am so proud of Diane for showcasing so many black models/models of color on her catwalk! Leave it do DVF to have a fabulous use of color and print. I just love the way this graphic gown draws our eye into the center of the dress. Plus, a sparkly jacket!

Alexander Wang

I’m kind of hot for these velvet jegging pants things that Alex Wang used in his collection. The star of this outfit, obviously, is the studded jacket. Need it right now. Don’t forget to wear the new AW zipper sunglasses to really work the look!

Rad Hourani

Finally a menswear designer who puts the edge back into men’s fashion! Leave it to me to love an outfit/collection of complete and total darkness (all black!). But there’s so much interesting stuff to look at here – the shirt/glove thing, which I love, the leather front and the neckbrace neck! Plus, the shirt is long so it kinda looks like a skirt (yay!) and there are like spandex/lycra meggings! Don’t be surprised if I’m your TF in September and I come to class in this outfit.

Prabal Gurung

Now this is a statement look if I ever saw one! Loved his use of black and red in his collection. The strong use of color and the whimsical shape is really fabulous. Is it a shirt? A dress? a cloak!?! I know one thing, if I saw some lady walking down the street in this, I would move out of her way. You don’t know what she’s storing up in there!

Christian Siriano

One thing I love about Christian Siriano is that he knows how to do a faaaaaaabulous gown. You can see some of his Project Runway days here, with the feathered bottom part of the dress and the bodice. She looks stunning, and this a perfect, show stopping dress. Now this is a red carpet dress. Fiiiiiieeeeeaayyrrrrce.