A Calhoun-only Master’s Tea with Academy Award-winning actress and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg, scheduled for this afternoon, has been canceled because of the snow.

In an e-mail sent this morning to the Calhoun students selected by lottery to attend the event, Calhoun Master Jonathan Holloway explained that, because of Goldberg’s commitments to the ABC talk show “The View,” the actress must be “extremely conservative” with her travel plans when it comes to inclement weather. But Holloway maintained it is likely that Goldberg will visit Yale in the near future.

“The good news in this is that she’s made clear that she wants to come to Calhoun and that this is merely a postponement, not a cancellation,” he wrote.

Holloway said he is already in talks with her manager to welcome Goldberg to New Haven at a later date.

Last month, Goldberg applauded the new Yale admissions video, “That’s Why I Chose Yale,” on “The View.”

“Love it! Love it! It’s so great,” she praised. “If you want to get kids to come to your school, you better make it interesting and make it good and alluring for them. I want to go to Yale!”