Former Yale hockey forward Natalie Babony ’06 made her Winter Olympics debut Saturday as the Slovakian women’s hockey team lost 18–0 to Canada. In 2005, Babony, who holds dual Canadian and Slovak citizenship, helped Yale women’s hockey to its first ECAC semifinals appearance.

Babony isn’t the only Yale women’s hockey player to become an Olympian: In Turin, Helen Resor ’09 played for the U.S., and Denise Soesilo ’10 competed for Germany.

White House associate counsel Rashad Hussain LAW ’07 became President Barack Obama’s special envoy to the Muslim world on Saturday. Rashad, a former editor of the Yale Law Journal, will serve as the White House’s emissary to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. See story, page 10.

Warren Buffett’s new protégé? Hedge fund manager Cara Goldenberg ’07 reportedly dined with the legendary investor last week, emerging with a Facebook photo that shows her and Buffett side by side, grasping a wallet together and grinning. No word on whether he’s planning to invest any of his fortune with her fund, Permian Investment Partners.

Timothy Dwight students are on their way to getting a new master, University President Richard Levin announced Friday. A search committee headed by Peabody Museum director and geology and geophysics professor Derek Briggs will explore candidates to replace longtime TD Master Robert Thompson.

Sex Week at Yale may have dominated campus last week, but chastity-minded Yalies picked Saturday to introduce the newly-formed Anscombe Society at Yale with a lecture titled “A Philosophical Defense of the Sexual Counterrevolution.” The group promotes “marriage, family and chastity,” Anscombe member Caroline Swinehart ’11 said .


1990 Journalist Bob Woodward turns down an invitation to speak at Class Day, following refusals from Toni Morrison and Diane Sawyer. All three said they did not have time to travel to New Haven.