Freshman from all colleges gathered on Old Campus at midnight for a massive snowball fight.

The snow, many said, was perfect for packing and could be thrown over large distances, and even punted.

At the beginning of the event, freshmen engaged in free-for-all, pelting their friends regardless of college. “Hey, how you doing?” followed by a snowball in the face was a common occurrence.

But after a half hour colleges banded together chanting their IM cheers. Davenport College made a rush across campus to take over the Pierson fort and was surrounded by the other colleges as the Gnomes dismantled Pierson’s pride.

Although a few upperclassmen blended into the crowd, the event was predominantly freshmen. A group of juniors, however, made a mad rush across Old Campus mid-way through the fight.

Hot chocolate, provided by the Freshman Class Council, was served in a safe corner by Phelps Gate.