• The few, the proud, the committed boyfriends and girlfriends of Yale: the News’ week-long series on “Sex at Yale” wraps up with a look at Elis who have broken out of the “hook-up culture” on campus and taken the plunge into a long-term relationship.
  • An enterprising graduate student and a lighting designer are trying to channel Russian composer Alexander Scriabin’s century-old ideas into present-day Woolsey Hall: This weekend’s Yale Symphony Orchestra performance of “Prometheus” will be the first ever to reproduce Scriabin’s original vision using modern lighting.
  • scene: If you haven’t yet visited, you’re missing out: the Web site randomly pairs users with others around the globe for instant messaging and video chatting. Staff reporter Alison Greenberg takes Chatroulette for a spin, searching for some human connection in the midst of all the porn and pervs.

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