How romantic. Berkeley College Master Marvin Chun was serenaded by the a cappella group New Blue in his “Introduction to Psychology” class Wednesday. The admirer sent the singing valentine anonymously but included that Chun’s lectures “stimulates my nerve endings.”

Out in the cold and snow. About 75 students were forced to evacuate Rudolph Hall on Wednesday morning when a fire alarm went off inside the building.

In sunnier news, Princeton is projecting its endowment will increase by 10 percent during fiscal year 2010, The Daily Princetonian reported Wednesday. Administrators have not announced how Yale’s endowment is expected to perform this fiscal year.

But not so fast, Tigers. The Daily Princetonian is not publishing in print today because their printing plant was snowed in. The Daily Pennsylvanian is also online-only today, for the second day in a row.

The “Jersey Shore” gods have forsaken Yale. After cast member Snooki canceled a New Haven appearance last week, fellow cast member Vinny Guadagnino canceled his appearance at today’s Relay for Life “Kiss for Cancer” date auction at Keys to the City due to inclement weather.

…But don’t think he doesn’t feel bad about it. Guadagnino recorded a YouTube video, titled “Too Much Snow for Vinny,” explaining that he was held up in Los Angeles on Wednesday night because of the snow storm. But he promised to make a trip to Yale in the next couple months if the Relay for Life event raises $4,000.

The snow did prove conducive to one thing, though: Snowball fights took place all over campus Wednesday night. The largest was the freshman snowball fight, which raged on Old Campus.

A 10-minute interview with psychology professor Laurie Santos appeared Tuesday on, an online forum and blog aggregator. Santos, whose research centers on primate cognitive abilities, discussed her work with capuchin monkeys and explained some commonalities she has discovered between humans and non-human primates.


1976 Associate Provost Jacqueline Mintz announces her resignation, citing a “growing sense of frustration and regret at the slow progress of Yale’s affirmative action program.” Mintz had developed and administered the University’s effort to recruit minorities and women for the previous four years.