Last night, the ever-fierce queen of burlesque Miss Dita Von Tesse was a celebrity guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Yay — she even wore diamonds in her hair for the occasion. You gotta love any panel of judges that has RuPaul’s weave and Dita Von Tesse’s make up on it!

In the episode, the hot messes competing for America’s Next Top Drag Queen had to do a burlesque show – with the requisite stripper pole. But let’s just say that some of the queens had a rather, um, skanky interpretation of burlesque. Nicole Paige Brooks, who wore a fringe skirt and was the leader of the skanks, knew how to work that stripper pole too well! Our Lady Dita was not amused, and rolled her eyes in disapproval. Brooks’ reaction, a prompt sashay away – thank god.

People: sex sells. Booty skank does not!