The last snow day at Yale, at least in recent memory, was in February 1978 during a three-day blizzard that blew through New Haven. The University came close in February 2003, when thousands of students received an e-mail, which turned out to be a hoax, declaring classes cancelled.

But today, the University of Pennsylvania has suspended normal operations and cancelled all classes, according to the university’s Web site. Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., has been closed since Monday because of snow.

Wish drivers good luck finding parking. Mayor John DeStefano Jr. issued a ban on street parking downtown in anticipation of heavy snowfall today.

Security guards at Bass Library took down names of students found with food and drink inside the library late Tuesday night. A student who wrote his name down was reportedly told there would be consequences if he was found to have illicit comestibles two more times.

Fears of swine flu may have passed, only to be replaced by fears of chicken pox. Davenport College Dean Craig Harwood sent a cautionary e-mail Tuesday after a student came down with the virus — Davenport’s second outbreak in two months.

Yalie flying high in Colorado. Civil Air Patrol pilot and law professor Martin Katz LAW ’91 was named dean of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law on Monday.

Yale recycled 6.32 pounds of material per person during the second week of RecycleMania, a national contest among universities, Yale recycling coordinator C.J. May said in an e-mail. Yale was second in that category, behind Princeton.

Final ‘Jeopardy!’ Leah Libresco ’11 — a math and political science double major in Jonathan Edwards College and, as of Monday, a college “Jeopardy!” semifinalist — lost Tuesday night. But she still goes home with $10,000.

Fall semester grade reports to parents are being regenerated after the Registrar’s Office mistakenly sent home copies of students’ spring term course schedules instead. “Lots of parents have been calling in and complaining about it,” Faculty of Arts and Sciences office assistant Shirley Beery said.


1958 The names of 17 freshmen who participated in riots on Old Campus on Feb. 9 are reported to Freshman Year Dean Harold B. Whiteman. They would await further disciplinary action.