The School of Management’s class of 2011 Internship Fund raised a record-setting $37,389 during its Student Fundraising Week.

Every member of the class of 2011 donated to the fund in the four-day stretch from Monday, Feb. 1 to Thursday, Feb. 4. SOM seconds years, other Yale graduate students and faculty also contributed money. The Dean’s Office will cap the fundraising with an additional $25,000 donation because 100 percent of the class of 2011 contributed to the fund.

The purpose of the Internship Fund is to help students to afford summer internships in the public and nonprofit sectors, said Tabitha Wilde, director of media relations at the SOM.

The money-raising campaign will continue in mid-April with the Internship Fund Auction at Donaldson Commons. Last year’s auction brought in more than $44,000 in contributions.