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Philosophy Professor Shelly Kagan made a guest appearance on a segment of NBC’s “Today” Monday morning to talk about his spring semester lecture, “Death.”

National correspondent Jenna Wolfe featured “Death” — along with three other Yale classes, including Kagan’s “Life,” and courses from other colleges — in a segment called “Hot classes explore trash, death, Yankee Stadium?” about ‘practical’ college courses. Matt Lauer introduced the segment, saying that “you probably won’t believe” the unconventional course topics.

“It’s not that this is an attempt to tell you ‘here’s what life is,'” Kagan explained. “The real idea of the class was to look at some of the decisions that people make as they go through life.”

Other classes at Yale featured on “Today” included “The History of Shopping” and “The Culture of Things.” The segment also touched on a class from Rutgers University called “Yankee Stadium” and another from Barnard College titled “Revenge.”