An article that appeared today on the Harvard Political Review’s blog lambasted Yalies for their frenzied response to news that the University may no longer provide free print copies of The New York Times in college dining halls.

From “Yale and the Times,” by Jonathan Yip:

… That is, just because the paper’s not plunked down in front of them doesn’t mean that students will simply stop following news. The provision of a print newspaper does nothing to encourage students to be “broadly informed.” Either they are curious about the state of their world and they’ll hop onto or or or or…—or they simply aren’t curious, in which case, print won’t save them …

Ultimately, I don’t think our not having newspapers in every house dining hall makes us any less informed. So, I can’t see why it should dumb down the Yalies—well, actually…

In this age of e-news everywhere, I think $50k for dead trees is pretty hard to justify.

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