The Ivy scene begs the question, “what if scene worked for another Ivy League school?”

Face it. It would not work. I digress. What this mini-blog actually intends to do is provide peepholes into the mystery of A&E coverage in our fellow Ivies. Onwards.

So why cover the arts when we can provide the arts ourselves? That is exactly what the Columbia Daily Spectator achieves through Darkroom (, the newspaper’s photography, multimedia and photojournalism blog. Darkroom showcases the work of Columbia freelance photographers, and although it has not been updated recently, it contains a wide selection of images that include anything from Phoenix performing at Central Park to a creative rendering of the Yankees’ World Championship reign with newspapers, flyers and ticker-tape.

If you feel homesick, wish you had applied to Columbia, or just enjoy photography like the rest of the world and me, Darkroom is just another niche in the blogosphere.