Louis Vuiton’s latest “It” bag is the “Raindrop Besace,” yours for only $2,000! And guess what? It’s basically a giant trash bag! No joke.

The Besace is made from coated canvas, meaning it’s, like, waterproof — just in case you need a designer bag to take with you through the rainforest or whatever. The bag comes in brown or gray. And if you really want to be hip, just pop off the straps and carry it around by the drawstrings, like you’re taking out the trash! Loves it.

I love this bag because it’s weird. But what’s the, um, social commentary? Is it about the current status of luxury goods? Is it about how glamazons are so thirsty for labels that they’ll easily shell out $2,000 for a “trash bag”? Perhaps! But then again, who cares? It’s couture.

Haters will be all, “This bag is hideous. Why would anyone pay so much for a garbage bag?” Helllllooooo. That’s why it’s fabulous. And I’ll bet you $5 it’s already sold out.