Brown might cut the newspapers in its dining halls, too.

Faced with the need to make $30 million in budget cuts for the 2010-’11 year, the university may lay off staff, increase enrollment, institute an extra student fee for recreation and fitness and eliminate $33,000 worth of subscriptions to The New York Times and the Providence Journal. Brown might even cut some varsity sports programs altogether, Brown president Ruth Simmons told faculty, staff and students in a letter Tuesday, according to a Providence Journal blog.

This round of penny-pinching measures follows a $35 million overall cut that eliminated some staff jobs and froze salaries last year.

Other proposals include decreasing the number of athletic staff, adding 97 beds to existing on-campus housing, lowering the number of times trash and recyclables are taken away each week and asking dining services to buy cheaper and more generic food products.

Even with these reductions, Simmons said Brown will probably face big deficits for several years. (Yale will likely be able to avoid future serious cuts after the coming year, when the University must make over $100 million in cuts, administrators told faculty and staff in a budget memo Wednesday.)