This is Simon Swartzman. He is a senior Literature major from Chi-town. And apparently, he’s in STILES (I am so lucky).

Wait, nevermind. He lives off-campus- I could’ve predicted that.

Today, and probably always for all we know, Simon had awesome style.

Starting from the top: I usually never approve of the full-on beanie concept, but Simon works it well. The color and the material along with the glasses sliding ever so discreetly under the beanie’s rim gave the look a warm, cozy feel, which is often hard to achieve when your headgear makes you look like some alien off “Men in Black.“

His choice of scarf was clutch. Without it, the outfit would have looked incomplete and definitely not as fashionable. The backpack and the scarf matched! While this was probably unintentional, the coordination between the hat, scarf, backpack and jeans was critical, as the rest of Simon’s pieces had a blueish hue. Two color palettes keep the outfit from looking dull but the outfit construction still appears effortless.

On a sort of related note, I love a guy in a button down. I especially love this one because all you see are a few little buttons on his bright blue shirt popping out from behind a dark, navy blue pea coat (which I’m also a sucker for).

My favorite part of the outfit has to be the shoes. They’re like ortho pedes and boat shoes and hiking boots all at the same time. While I realize this sounds completely unattractive, they’re probably some of the cutest shoes I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Way to go, Simon, This is an outfit of champions.

(Photos by Eva Galvan/Photography Editor)