For the inaugural post of Reasons Why You’re Fat, I’m taking a look at everyone’s fave family night dessert: warmed brownie-walnut pudding. There’s no denying its appeal. One of Yale Dining’s finest creations, brownie-walnut pudding is interesting in that it doesn’t really conform to traditional dessert standards. Not quite as viscous as pudding, but also not quite solid enough to be considered straight up brownie, it’s basically just gooey, nutty, chocolatey goodness that is almost certain to please.

Until, of course, we look at the cal count. The initial glimpse isn’t shocking–only 316 calories?!?!?! That’s like a chicken breast, or a small steak. No big deal, except that no one except Kate Moss actually eats 1/40 of a pan (which is probably like a meager handful, if even). It’s just too good to stop, and because it isn’t a solid it’s tough to measure exactly when you’ve crossed the line.

Recommendation: it may be heavenly, but avoid brownie-walnut pudding except on rare occasions because, you just won’t be able to stop!!! It may make you nostalgic for mama’s cooking, but you’ll regret it in the morning/when you’re on the scale/when your muffin top shows once again. Unless you are a master of portion control, it’s really not quite worth it.