While frolicking through the zany oddities of the InterWeb courtesy of stumbleupon.com, I came across one of the most hilarious websites I have ever seen: “Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.”

The premise of the site is simple. It presents pages upon pages of Photoshopped pictures of waterfalls in different locales with actor Tom Selleck and a sandwich superimposed on the scene. Each photo features a different variation of Selleck and sandwich.

In “Pulled Pork,” a wet, shirtless, mustachioed Selleck looks wistfully off into the distance while a roll overflowing with meat and aching with desire watches him.

“Sloppy Joe” features an older Selleck in a sober three piece suit, his hair cropped short and his face sporting a mustache and goatee. In the corner, an understated roll filled with ground beef sits poolside, soaking in the rays.

“Selleck Waterfall Sandwich” is a testament to the power of the visual non sequitur. It reminds us not only of the beauty of waterfalls, but also of the Sellecks and sandwiches inside of us all.