Anne Higonnet GRD ’88, who was charged with disorderly conduct on Jan. 15 after a dispute outside the back gate of an East Rock middle school, appeared in court Friday but did not reach a settlement.

Higonnet, wife of famous Yale economics professor John Geanakoplos ’75 , allegedly yelled at and grabbed the coat of a Worthington Hooker Middle School parent, Stephanie Brooks, who had dropped off her child on Everit Street, despite school policy directing parents to use the front entrance on Whitney Avenue. After a years-long court battle with a group of concerned Everit Street residents, the Hooker School moved to 691 Whitney Ave. in December of last year and, to assuage fears of increased noise and traffic, agreed to allow only pedestrian access to the Everit Street gate.

Higonnet, who lives a half-block away from the new school and teaches art history at Barnard College, appeared at New Haven Superior Court on Elm Street Friday and met with Brooks and a court-appointed mediator, the New Haven Independent reported Friday. After closed-door meetings failed to produce a settlement, the case was scheduled to be heard Feb. 26.