While the old adage, “All roads lead to Toad’s,” still accurately describes the nightlife for most Yalies (read: athletes), some students opt instead for clubs on Crown Street such as Elevate, Alchemy and Hula Hank’s. Though the patrons of Toad’s and said Crown Street clubs are not mutually exclusive, there does seem to exist a degree of distinction between the types of people that frequent such locations.

After comprehensive sociological observation, it appears that there are two primary causes of the divide — what I’ll call familiarity and fiscal capacity. Better yet, since most readers are advocates of Obamanomics and such a phrase might perplex them, let me simply replace “fiscal capacity” with “money.”

Aside from the convenient location, most Yalies that frequent Toad’s cite its familiarity as the element that regularly draws them. Although there is no shortage of strange Quinnipiac faces there on a Saturday night, by and large one can expect to be surrounded by classmates and teammates on the dance floor. The effect that familiarity has is clear when one considers the large turnout at Toad’s on Yale-only Wednesday nights.

Not surprisingly, the unduly intimate — borderline incestuous — environment at Toad’s is often what provokes people to visit Crown Street, where new faces (albeit Jersey Shore look-alikes) abound. To be fair, the atmosphere at such clubs is usually excellent and many Yalies report having a great time. However, as one Yale undergrad recommends: bring some close friends to shield you from overly aggressive “townies” (and, of course, errant fist pumps).

The other divisive factor between the Toad’s and Crown Street crowds is economic in nature. Bankrupt from the purchase of extortionately priced textbooks, Yalies are deterred from clubs such as Hula Hank’s where cover charges run as high as $20. Students’ aptness to endure grungy fraternity houses where the door is always open and the Natty Light flows freely is a case in point. But fear not Crown Street enthusiasts, body shots at Hank’s are always free.