The phrase “don’t tase me, bro” would probably stop you from hurting a meager weakling on the street — but it probably wouldn’t stop passengers that were under a terroristic attack in a plane.

Lampered Less Lethal, Inc., a Candian-based company that provides training and manufactures specialized civil defense equipment, is in talks with the US Homeland Security about a stun bracelet that could protect passengers and make available more information regarding each flying individual. The RFID Taser Bracelet poses a “small inconvenience” for added security. Passengers on airplane flights that are being hijacked or under attack would be able to step up and defend themselves by using the bracelet to generate taser shocks up to 200,000 volts.

The bracelets utilize Electro Muscular disruption technology that not only works to improve passeneger safety but works as a boarding pass that would store personal information about the traveler and track him throughout the airport. The bracelet can also be used to monitor passengers and their luggage through a match up system.

The true matter is whether or not people are willing to improve their safety with a Star Wars wristband and hand their privacy over to the government. There are potential arguments for privacy control — some people probably would not like their personal information stored on wristlets that several passengers will use, and may not want to risk getting tazed accidentally while cruising at 30,000 feet.

What control will individuals have for setting them off? Would passengers be able to just let them loose on each other? Or could this simply be another way for companies to monopolize of the theory of fear?