When someone like Lady Gaga explodes onto the music scene with a four hit singles from one album, imitators are bound to fall into step behind her.

Radka is undoubtedly one of them, fitting neatly into the freshly created genre of Gaga that incorporates catchy, upbeat dance music, tightly choreographed videos, outlandish costumes and overt, electric sexual themes. In the music video for her current hit song, “Hey Boy,” Radka plays the part of a dominatrix, dancing, caressing and finally branding a kneeling, hooded man with a signature R. Throughout four insufferable minutes, she steps in synch with a troop of masked, nazi-esque men and constantly changes costumes.

The video is redolent of a desire to become the Lady, but fails miserably in its paltry imitation. The chorus isn’t catchy, nor are her costumes wild enough — after months of Gaga dominating the radio, the Billboard charts, the party scene and music videos, Radka is nothing we haven’t seen before.