The newly released admissions video has clocked more than 35,000 views on YouTube since it was posted Friday night. Commenting has been disabled on YouTube, but of 96 comments on the News’s Web site, 46 were in favor.

But meanwhile, on Facebook, the recently formed group “That’s NOT Why I Chose Yale!!!” had 14 members as of Monday night — including Ethan Kuperberg ’11, the movie’s director and co-screenwriter, and admissions officer Andrew Johnson ’06, the film’s producer and co-screenwriter.

Two Branford suites were robbed recently, Branford master Steven Smith wrote in an e-mail to the college’s students. One room lost a laptop and “a considerable amount of money,” while the other lost clothing and a musical instrument.

Vinny Guadagnino from MTV’s hit reality series “Jersey Shore” will be making an appearance Thursday at Elevate Lounge on Crown Street. The self-proclaimed “guido” will be fist-pumping from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., according to the event’s Facebook page. This comes on the heels of the founding of another Facebook group, “JERSEY SHORE CAST FOR SPRING FLING,” which has 78 members.

Legendary NFL quarterback John Elway and Heisman Trophy finalist Colt McCoy, among other football stars, were in town this weekend for the 43rd annual Walter Camp Awards. Elway won the Man of the Year Award, while McCoy, who quarterbacked the University of Texas to a loss in the national championship bowl game Jan. 7, snagged the Player of the Year Award. According to one student, McCoy was spotted at Hula Hank’s Friday night and at Toad’s Saturday night.

Chicken pox alert. Davenport dean Craig Harwood sent an e-mail to students last Friday informing them that a freshman has been diagnosed with chicken pox. Students who have never contracted the disease were told to contact University Health Services. A Silliman student also contracted the virus last October.

The Davenport-Pierson Gym, meanwhile, is starting a magazine library that students can borrow while exercising. The Davenport College Council encouraged students to contribute their own “appropriate” magazines.


1960 Staff in Yale’s only major library, Sterling Memorial, begin special training to increase efficiency in the chronically overcrowded reading rooms. “Yale students are pretty serious these days,” librarian David Watkins said.