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Yale is mobilizing to aid a devastated Haiti. University Chaplain Sharon Kugler said Yale is coordinating with many student organizations in response to the earthquake and held a meeting Wednesday night to make concrete plans. Kugler said students should stay tuned for an announcement of a major benefit concert for earthquake victims and survivors.

A study published this month in the Journal of Labor Economics estimates that a nationwide ban on affirmative action in college admissions would cause black and Hispanic enrollment at the nation’s most selective colleges to drop by more than 10 percent.

Just five minutes after sign-ups for interviews with Bain & Company went live on the Undergraduate Career Services Web site at midnight Wednesday, 37 of the 48 slots were claimed.

Nobel prize winner in chemistry Thomas A. Steitz delivered his Nobel lecture at the Yale School of Medicine on Wednesday afternoon. Attendees said the lecture, which discussed ribosome structure and antibiotics, was standing room-only.

Vice President for New Haven and State Affairs Bruce Alexander ’65 has been appointed chair of the Connecticut Transportation Strategy Board. In an interview Tuesday, he prioritized the expansion of Tweed-New Haven Regional Airport, enhanced rail service to New York City and New Haven’s Route 34 development project.

New Haven Police Officer Jason Bandy, 24, was fired Tuesday night by a unanimous vote by the Board of Police Commissioners after causing a drunken scene in a bar three months ago. The rookie cop called in sick one day in October, then proceeded to get drunk in the downtown Center Street Lounge, refused to leave and urinated on the bar. Bandy and the police union have appealed the decision to terminate him.


1943 Officials announced that 3,000 cadets would train at Yale for up to 20 weeks to become Second Lieutenants in the Army Air Force. Wake-up call for the cadets was scheduled at 4:50 a.m., followed by breakfast in Commons Dining Hall and physical training at the Payne Whitney Gymnasium.