Ryan Bingham performed “The Weary Kind” from the Crazy Heart Soundtrack last night on the Late Show with David Letterman. The Golden-Globe nominated song captured the 28-year old Bingham on the verge of country-music stardom. The emotional yet musically precise tune paired well with a film that tells the tale of an aging country singer who is trying to re-discover fame. Such soulful and mature emotions may come from Bingham’s rough early years, which included time on the rodeo circuit.

Unlike the simplicity of Bingham’s guitar and voice, Vampire Weekend was a cacophony of instruments when it appeared on The Tonight Show with Conon O’Brien. These Ivy-Leagers (they formed while at Columbia) showcased “Cousins” from their second album, Contra, which comes out today. Vampire Weekend’s unique mix of violins, drums, guitar and chimes created a unique, but not necessarily pleasing, sound.